• Chris Harrison

Run with a cold?

I woke up the other day feeling terrible, my sinuses hurt, I had a headache and a sore throat. Oh no, today should be a running day what am I going to do, should I run with a cold or take a break?

Well, I went for a run and even though it wasn’t the best experience and after 5 miles, I felt as though I had run twice that distance with achy legs and lots of wheezing!, but the next day I was starting to feel so much better. Was it down to pushing on and going for the run?…… I guess I never will know but rest assured in the same situation I will be heading out again.

Doing a bit of research online comes up with a mix of messages, but the key thing I took from the research is to be honest with yourself as you are the best judge for knowing if you are in a fit state to run, also general rule of thumb if the cold is in your throat and above and you do not have a fever with it then you should be OK to run.

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